Tailor-made Smart Device Solutions

AnyPi is a leading company specializing in the manufacturing of IoT smart hardware and solutions. Our technical solutions cover wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, LoRa, Wi-Fi, and 4G, as well as voice and video transmission technology and cloud service technology. Currently, our typical representative products include wireless sensors, wireless ink screens, smart cat eyes, IoT gateways, AnyPi Cloud and mobile apps, etc. We provide professional OEM/ODM services, please feel free to share your needs and application scenarios with us!

Node Device

We are committed to providing customers with node device design solutions based on LoRa technology and BLE wireless technology. Our design scope covers various types of sensors, wireless ink screens, controllers, positioning watches and smart watches and other typical products. By using advanced LoRa technology, our design solution can achieve long-distance, low-power data transmission to meet the needs of different application scenarios. At the same time, we also use BLE wireless technology to provide convenient interconnection functions for node devices, allowing various devices to work together seamlessly and provide users with a more intelligent experience.


We provide comprehensive multi-mode gateway software and hardware design solutions to meet the diverse networking needs of our customers. Our design solutions support multiple network connection methods such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G, ensuring that customers can obtain stable network connections in different scenarios. In addition, we also provide support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LoRa (Long Range Wireless Communication Technology), allowing our multi-mode gateways to be widely used in the IoT field. Whether it is smart home, industrial automation or smart city application scenarios, our multi-mode gateways can provide customers with excellent performance and reliable connections.

Cloud services && apps

We have many years of experience in IoT cloud service design and provide customers with a variety of deployment solutions. You can choose local deployment to protect your data security and privacy; or choose AWS deployment to get the support of the world's leading cloud services. In addition, we also provide anypi's cloud service solutions to meet the needs of different customers. No matter which deployment method you choose, we will provide you with the corresponding front-end management application so that you can easily manage and monitor your IoT devices. We are committed to providing you with one-stop IoT solutions to make your projects run more smoothly and efficiently.

Our advantage

Low-Cost and Efficient Delivery

We have rich experience in software design and hardware design, and have accumulated a large number of software solutions and hardware solutions over a long period of time. This allows us to provide customers with low-cost solutions and ensure on-time delivery of high-quality finished products, even if your required quantity is only a few dozen. Our proven methods and extensive experience enable us to respond quickly to customer needs and provide personalized customized services. Whether you are in the early stages of starting a business or in the development and expansion stage, we will work with you to provide you with the best solutions.

our case

In-depth integration with customers has been well received

We provide in-depth gateway customization services for customers from Japan. Our gateway software successfully completed the collection of vital sign data from the customer’s Bluetooth smart watch and interacted with the customer’s back-end server. In order to ensure the performance and stability of the gateway, we have gone through more than 50 version iterations, held more than 10 online meetings, and communicated through more than 100 emails. We do our best to meet customer needs from a technical level and fully verify the solution. Currently, we are actively promoting the progress of the second cooperation project.

Case Product

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