Tailored Desk Booking Hardware for Workspace

Enhance productivity in hot desking, office hoteling, and activity-based environments​

We provide an innovative desktop signage electronic hardware that can synchronize information from the desk reservation system in real time and display the free and occupied status of the desk.

Our service scope covers hardware design, software development, prototype production and finished product mass production of desk electronic signage. With our hardware design, you can get a beautiful and functional desktop sign that accurately displays desk usage and helps employees quickly find free workstations. Our software development team adapts the signage to the reservation system you use.

During the prototyping stage, we will make fine adjustments based on your needs to ensure that the sign’s appearance and functionality exactly meet your expectations. Finally, we offer finished product mass production services to ensure you get the desktop signage products you need in a timely manner.

Program Overview

The desk electronic signage we provide has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, allowing it to establish a connection with the reservation system. By using protocols such as https, MQTT or CoAP, two-way interaction between signage and reservation systems is possible.

The reservation server binds the unique ID of the desk electronic sign to a certain seat ID, thereby synchronizing the seat reservation information to the desktop electronic sign. In this way, employees can easily find available workstations through the information displayed on the signs, improving office efficiency.

In addition, desk electronic signage can also add various hardware peripherals according to needs, such as NFC and PIR. These peripherals can further enhance the functions of signage, such as realizing the card check-in function through NFC, or realizing the human body sensing function through PIR, thereby providing a more intelligent and convenient office experience.

Common Design Parameters

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