Seamlessly Integrate Multiple Smartwatch Data with Our Bluetooth Gateway Solution

Facilitate Advanced Health Analytics in Your Venue with Effortless Data Capture


Real-time Monitoring

In medical environments such as nursing homes and hospitals, the need for real-time, accurate monitoring of health conditions is paramount.

Data Collection

The challenge lies in collecting data from multiple smartwatches in public healthcare settings, requiring a seamless, efficient approach to gather real-time health data—including heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and more.

Data Integrity

Currently, the reliance on mobile apps for data synchronization presents significant obstacles, including practicality issues and data integrity problems, especially in situations where network connectivity is unstable.

Data Security

Relying on devices such as smartphones for data collection complicates monitoring logistics and raises issues with data’s timeliness and reliability, heightening the risk of incomplete health monitoring.

Operational Efficiency

The inefficiency of current methods burdens healthcare staff, diverting their attention from patient care to managing technological shortcomings.

Data Reliability

The risk of delayed or lost data impacts the ability to make informed, timely healthcare decisions, potentially affecting patient outcomes.


Smartwatch Bluetooth Gateway for Real-Time Health Tracking

By installing Bluetooth gateway devices in public areas, any patient wearing a smartwatch entering the area can have their health data automatically collected and uploaded to the central server, thereby enabling real-time, accurate collection and monitoring of patients’ health data without the intervention of mobile apps.


Ensures Data Timeliness

Ensures medical personnel can receive patients’ health data in real-time, allowing for prompt response to any potential health issues.

Enhanced Data Accuracy & Integrity

Automatic data collection reduces the risk of data delays or losses caused by manual synchronization.

Improved Deployment Efficiency

Overcomes the reliance on personal smartphone apps, with one gateway capable of reporting data from at least 30 watches in the vicinity.

Expanded Application Scope

Opens up the potential for smartwatch use in public health monitoring scenarios, such as in nursing homes and hospitals.


Gateway Firmware

Collaborative Development: Our engineering team is focused on providing firmware solutions for efficient data collection and is committed to working closely with clients to optimize software functionalities. This ensures real-time data transmission while maintaining the flexibility and adaptability of our solutions.

Hardware Design

Customized Solutions: We offer circuit design services for gateways, designing the most suitable hardware solutions based on client needs and application scenarios to ensure the stability and efficiency of data transmission.

Exterior Design

Personalized Options: Clients can choose to use existing casing designs or opt for customized casing designs to match their brand image and specific application requirements, thereby enhancing user experience.

Gateway OTA (Over-The-Air Technology)

Continuous Upgrades: Our gateway firmware supports remote upgrades, ensuring devices always run the latest, safest, and most efficient software versions without manual intervention, thus reducing maintenance costs and improving system stability.


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