Efficient Medication Use Management Solution for Family Members

Simplify Medication Reminders and Tracking for Guardians

We provide an advance reminder and tracking solution for family members’ medication use, designed to assist guardians in managing the medication use of the elderly or children. The program has the ability to track medication schedules, dosages and times taken.

Through our system, guardians can set medication reminders for each family member, including information such as medication name, dosage and taking time. The system will send reminder notifications at set time points to ensure that family members take their medications on time.

In addition, our solution also features medication tracking capabilities. Guardians can record the time and dosage of each medication and view the history. This helps guardians understand a family member’s medication use and make adjustments or consult a doctor if needed.

Our solutions support a variety of communication methods, including text messages, phone calls, and mobile applications, allowing guardians to choose the method that best suits them for reminders and tracking.

With solutions like this, we can help guardians better manage their family members’ medication use, ensuring they take their medications on time and follow their doctor’s orders. Whether you have a large or small to medium-sized home, we can provide you with a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Program Overview

The smart drug tracking system consists of three parts: smart drug box, server and mobile application.

  • 1. Smart medication box: This box is equipped with a display that can display the dosage and type of medication. It has the function of an electronic label attached to the drug packaging box, and can complete label activation and punch-in operations.
  • 2. Server: The server is used to store and manage medication usage records. It receives medication usage schedule times from a mobile app and sends them to the smart medication box.
  • 3. Mobile application: Users can edit the medication schedule time through the mobile application and send it to the smart medication box. In addition, the mobile app can receive medication use reminders and provide the ability to view medication use records.

Through the smart medication tracking system, users can easily manage their medication usage, ensure they take their medications on time, and check their medication usage records at any time. Whether you have a large or small to medium-sized home, we can provide you with a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

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