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SyncSign is a company focused on improving the efficiency of office space management. They developed an innovative solution that can synchronize information from Office 365 calendar, Google calendar and Exchange calendar system to a wireless ink screen in real time. This idea effectively improves the efficiency of conference room reservation management, making it easier for people to view and manage conference room reservations.

In addition to conference room reservation management, SyncSign has also achieved hot-selling products in the fields of supermarket price tag systems and electronic seat signs in libraries. Their products are widely used by thousands of B-side customers around the world.

Meeting room reservation
Laboratory drug temperature and humidity monitoring
Refrigerator food document monitoring

MOCREO is a company specializing in remote monitoring of temperature and humidity. They have developed an advanced system that can record the temperature and humidity of freezers, rooms, garages and reptile breeding environments in real time, and can set remote threshold alarms. This system effectively improves the problem of food spoilage caused by excessive temperature when storing food in the freezer.

In addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, MOCREO also has mature products in the fields of water immersion detection and human body detection. Their products have been widely used in various scenarios, including domestic, commercial and industrial fields.

So far, MOCREO’s products have sold more than 100,000 devices on Amazon and have been recognized and praised by users. Their success is due to their accurate grasp of market needs and technological innovation. MOCREO continuously strives to improve products and services to meet customer needs and continue to expand market share.

Whole House Sensor Network

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